Sunday April 1, 2018 6:30 AM

On behalf of the Summit Club, The Women of Flower Mound and The Flower Mound Foundation, we want to invite you and your family to the Easter Sunrise Service, held on The Flower Mound.

April 1, 2018. Service begins at 6:45am and ends about 7:15am, ending with a dramatic sunrise. (weather permitting!) This year, Creekwood Christian Church will preside at the service.

The Flower Mound is located near the corner of FM-2499 and FM-3040, and is just east of the Tom Thumb parking lot. Parking is in the Tom Thumb and neighboring parking lots. We strongly recommend comfortable clothing over your Sunday best. A short walk up to Mound is required to see the Service, and the Sunrise. Getting there before 6:30 am will insure you have time to park and make the walk in time. (bring chairs or blankets for seating).

Light refreshments and coffee are being provided by local merchants and will be available after the services.

If heavy rains, or lightning are occurring, the service will be cancelled.

History of the Service: 45 years ago, the first Easter Sunrise Service was held on the Flower Mound.

Each spring, Tom & Jo Ann Webb are contacted by The Summit Club to verify the number of years. The first Easter Service was 1974, Tom was the newly elected mayor of Flower Mound. Tom and Jo Ann had a new baby daughter and brought her to the first Easter Service.

The Easter Service quickly became a Flower Mound tradition that has been carried on by The Summit Club, The Women of Flower Mound & The Flower Mound Foundation.

Every Easter, we invite a local Flower Mound church to present a service, song and praise.

About the Flower Mound: The nature of a native black-land prairie is wild plants. The Mound is a 12+acre native prairie grassland that rises above the surrounding area. Over 300 species of native flowers have been identified on The Mound.

It makes a dramatic backdrop for the Service. The Sunrise Service is somewhat rustic. There is no stage. The worship leaders are somewhat down from the crest of the Mound, facing west. Those worshiping sit on the ground or in lawn chairs facing a beautiful sunrise (hopefully).

Little known facts about the Easter Sunrise Service: Shortly after the Summit Club was organized, they decided that the Sunrise Service would be a good way to bring the people of Flower Mound together. Many had been feuding and fighting over annexations and de-annexations for years. At the time Flower Mound only had a few hundred citizens and most knew each other. The Town had become sharply divided over politics. The town’s namesake, the Flower Mound was privately owned by Edward Marcus. Buddy Dwyer was given the task of asking Mr. Marcus if they could use the Mound for the Easter Sunrise Service. Mr. Marcus was gracious and allowed them to use of his property. The rest is history.

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