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WOFM Sponsored Organization: Broken Halos Haven

Broken Halos Haven

There are over 700,000 new widows each year in America and 1.5 million children live in a single-parent household due to the death of a parent. The founders of Broken Halos Haven, Natalie Reid and her three boys, are a part of that statistic. On August 14, 2018, Natalie and her three boys, Joshua, Austin, and Brody, lost their dad to a heart attack. He was a man with a strong faith, passionate in his pursuit of deep friendships and embraced and appreciated every moment of life…even the tough, hard moments.

The sudden loss of a loved one takes the people left behind into a whirlwind of activity and emotions. And when friends and neighbors hear the news of someone’s passing they instantly want to do something to help the family, but they’re mostly at a loss as to what that really looks like. That means there’s usually an instant influx of cash and casseroles.

And as the days, weeks and months pass, the family is left to navigate their “new normal” and begin living again. It can be lonely, isolating and overwhelming.

We know there are other “grief retreats” available. Many of these families are located in remote places, surrounded by serene waters and heavily wooded forests. For some families. That might be what they need-a quiet, slowed-down pace to get away from the world. For others (like the Reid family) this is the exact OPPOSITE of what they want. Instead of sitting around in the woods being sad, they need to keep moving, stay active, and be distracted from their grief.

Broken Halos Haven allows grieving families a stress-free, no-cost getaway to empower and build the confidence of widows who are now parenting alone and to help them realize it’s OK to have fun, enjoy life, and find joy again. We have three goals:

To allow grieving families a stress-free, no-cost getaway;

To empower and build the confidence of widows who are now parenting alone.

To help widows realize it’s OK to have fun, enjoy life, and find joy again.

Located in Old Town Lewisville (OTL), the home is a historic and newly-revitalized part of Lewisville, TX, and only 15 minutes from Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, making it accessible to anyone in the country! This newly-renovated, 100-year-old home was a labor of love, as we spent nearly a year rebuilding and restoring it, taking great care to salvage what we could (original hardwood floors, interior shiplap, and exterior teardrop siding). We compared it to the grief process…where you have a reverence and regard for the things of the past, but you can’t stay there. You have to move forward with newness.